How do I qualify for housing assistance?

The Salina Housing Authority completes an eligibility check on every applicant. This includes income verification, criminal background, past rental history, and a credit check. Applicants must provide current photo identification for anyone 18 years of age or older and social security cards for every member of the household.

How long does it take to get a housing unit or receive an S8 voucher after applying?

Applications are date and time stamped when they are received.  The Section 8 waiting list is compiled according to the date and time of application. At present, the wait time for a voucher is 2-3 months for residents living or working within Salina city limits.

I am being evicted from my home. Can I come in and receive immediate assistance? 

Salina Housing Authority is not funded for emergency housing assistance. Our present waitlist is 6-8 months. Please contact 211 for additional assistance in accessing resources regarding emergency housing assistance.

Are there housing preferences?

The Housing Authority provides preferences for those who are homeless and living in a homeless shelter in Salina. Preference also goes to families or individuals who live or work within the city of Salina, KS. Applicants applying outside of Salina city limits may experience a longer wait time.

Do I have to be working with a case manager in order to apply for Shelter Plus Care or VASH? 

Yes. Case management is an important part of both the Shelter Plus Care and VASH programs. Case managers address and encourage stability and support for Shelter Plus Care and VASH applicants/tenants.  Both programs require referrals to be made by a case manager. Applications for Shelter Plus Care or VASH can only be accessed through a case manager by one of our participating agencies. To learn more about Shelter Plus Care or VASH, please contact Rachel Holt at (785)827-0441 ext. 201.


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